The event has now passed. You can find the videos and code for all sessions in the material section.

The educational workshop is organized by the UNIQUE NeuroAI center as part of the Montreal Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience (MAIN) 2022 conference. This is an hybrid event, with the vast majority of the presentations happening in-person and streamed online. Some speakers will present online only. There are two parallel tracks running over two days:

  1. AI for Neuro: an introduction of fundamental concepts in machine learning and deep learning to train artificial neural networks, and how they can be applied to neuroscience data;

  2. Neuro for AI: an introduction to fundamental techniques for cognitive neuroscience, such as calcium imaging, electro- and magneto-encephalography as well as magnetic resonance imaging, and how to connect these data in an AI workflow.

The educational material also covers some major neuroAI applications, such as automated diagnosis and prognosis of brain disorders (brain biomarkers); identifying cognitive states based on brain activity (brain decoding); and predicting brain activity based on the activity of an artificial neural network (brain encoding).

The workshop features both theoretical lectures as well as hands-on tutorial using the Python language. You will be required to bring a laptop and install software prior to the workshop. In-person registration is limited to 90 participants, with no limit for the number of online participants. Coffee and lunch will be offered onsite.